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Czech Society for Structural Biology and Czech Infrastructure for Integrative Structural Biology

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Institute of Biotechnology AS CR, Institute of Microbiology AS CR and South Bohemian University in České Budějovice

proudly organize

XV Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology


2nd User Meeting of CIISB

Nové Hrady, Thursday March 22 - Saturday March 24 2018




10:30-12:30    Registration at Novy Zamek
12:30-13:30    Accommodation
Session 1    Chair person: Jan Dohnálek
13:59-14:00    Openning of XIV Discussions
Miroslav Kloz: Spectral watermarking approach to stimulated Raman spectroscopy: background-free femtosecond vibration spectra (ELI-Beamlines)
Irena Kratochvílová: Critical defects in cryopreserved cell nuclei: DNA structure changes (Institute of Physics)
Bohdan Schneider: A DNA structural alphabet distinguishes the structural features of DNA bound to transcription factors and histone proteins (Institute of Biotechnology)
Edward A. Curtis: Mechanisms of G-quadruplex biochemical specificity (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Giovanna Fragneto: The structure of model and natural lipid bilayers: Moving towards complexity (Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble)

15:40-16:00    break
Session 2    Chair person: Edward Curtis
Eva Hájková: Study on active site of nucleoside N-ribohydrolases from Zea mays (Palacký University)
Emanuel K. Peter: A method for accelerated free energy calculations of proteins in an extended experimental ensemble derived from the Protein Data Bank (Institute of Biotechnology)
David Jakubec: 3DPatch: fast sequence and structure residue-level information content annotation in a web browser (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Klára Hlouchová: Search into unevolved protein space (Charles University)
J. Hritz: Protein homodimerization from perspective of structural biology and biophysics (Masaryk University) (30’)

18:00-21:30    dinner

 7:30- 8:45    breakfast

Session 3    Chair person: Klára Hlouchová
 9:00- 10:40
Konstantinos Tripsianes: Transforming biomolecular NMR to stay at the forefront of Structural Biology (Masaryk University) (30’)
Pavel Srb: Capturing dynamically interacting inhibitor by paramagnetic NMR spectroscopy (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Martin Klíma: Structural basis for hijacking of the host ACBD3 protein by picornaviruses (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Václav Veverka: Targeting the LEDGF/p75 associated pathologies (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry) (30’)

10:40-11:00    break
Session 4    Chair person: Bohdan Schneider
Daniel Nemecek: Pipeline for protein structure determination by cryoEM (Thermo Fisher Scientific) (30’)
PALL ForteBio Representative: BLI technology as a tool for biomolecular interactions
Piotr Wardega: NanoTemper Technologies – When protein quality matters. New arising star- Tycho NT.6 (NanoTemper) (30’)

12:20-13:30    lunch
Session 5    2nd Users Meeting of CIISB
Chair person: Vladimír Sklenář

Dominik Hrebík: Near-atomic structure of podovirus P68 provides insights into phage assembly and cell membrane penetration mechanism of bacteriophages infecting gram-positive bacteria (Masaryk University)
L. Mukhamedova: Cryo-EM structure of Kashmir bee virus (Masaryk University)
Kateřina Melková: Microtubule Associated Protein 2c and Tau: insight into molecular basis of functional diversity of homologous regulatory intrinsically disordered proteins (Masaryk University)
Karel Škubník: Virion structures and genome release mechanism of honeybee viruses from the family Iflaviridae (Masaryk University)
Michaela Procházková: Structure of sacbrood honeybee virus reveals evolution of capsid protein features important for Iflavirus cell entry (Masaryk University)
Martin Polak: Molecular architecture and life cycle of filamentous viruses (Masaryk University)

15:30-16:00    break
Session 6    2nd Users Meeting of CIISB
Chair person: Pavel Plevka

Tibor Füzik: Structure of tick-borne encephalitis virus and its neutralization by a monoclonal antibody (Masaryk University) (30’)
Josef Houser: Looking for inhibitor: structural and functional analysis of novel bangle lectin PHL from Photorhabdus asymbiotica (Masaryk University)
T. Skálová: Crystal structure of globin domain of AfGcHK histidine kinase (Institute of Biotechnology)
L. Švecová: Crystal structure of novel aryl-alcohol oxidase from thermophilic fungus Chaetomium thermophilum (Institute of Biotechnology)
Kseniya Ustinova: Identification and characterization of microtubule-binding domain of HDAC6 (Institute of Biotechnology)
Libor Grubhoffer: Greetings by the president of the Czech Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

18:15-19:15    dinner
19:15-20:15    General Assembly of the Czech Society for Structural Biology
Meeting will be held in the Czech and/or Slovak languages
1. Volba zapisovatele;
2. Schválení programu;
3. Výroční zpráva Rady ČSSB o činnosti a hospodaření;
4. Schválení výroční zprávy Rady ČSSB o činnosti a hospodaření;
5. Zpráva revizní komise;
6. Infrastruktury se vztahem ke strukturní biologii, přístupy, financování, vývoj Instructu;
7. Iniciativa čeké součásti ELIXIR zorganizovat celoevropskou komunitu strukturní biologie;
8. Změna sídla ČSSB v souvislosti se zprovozněním centra Biocev, hlasování;
9. Zprávy z Rady vědeckých společností
10. Různé

Follows Meeting of the CIISB Executive Commitee

20:30-22:30    Poster session
Poster titles are listed below

 7:30-9:15    breakfast
Session 7    Chair person: Veronika Obšilová
Rüdiger Ettrich: Computational Modeling of 3’-Phosphoadenosine 5’- Phosphosulfate Synthase PAPSS (Institute of Microbiology) (30’)
Jan Mičan: Computational Enzyme Design of Haloalkane Dehalogenases for Yperite Degradation (Masaryk University)

10:20-10:40    break
Session 8    Chair person: Rüdiger Ettrich
Veronika Obšilová: Molecular basis of the 14-3-3 protein-dependent activation of yeast neutral trehalase Nth1 (Institute of Physiology) (30’)
Katařína Pšenáková: Structural characterization of protein kinase ASK1 and its interaction with thioredoxin (Charles University)
Evžen Bouřa: Structural analysis of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase IIIβ (PI4KB) protein complexes with 14-3-3, ACBD3 and viral proteins (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

11:50-12:15    Student prizes & concluding remarks
12:30-13:30    lunch


Posters will be presented on Friday 20:30 - 22:30

Kristýna Adámková: Interaction of zinc-dependent nuclease from S1-P1 family with RNA (Institute of Biotechnology)

Miroslava Alblová: STRUCTURAL STUDIES OF THE 14-3-3 PROTEIN AND NEUTRAL TREHALASE (Nth1) COMPLEX (Institute of Physiology)

P. Babková: Structural analysis of resurrected ancestral haloalkane dehalogenases (Masaryk University)

Pavol Bárdy: Grand theft among bacteria and phages: the structure of the gene transfer agent (Masaryk University)

Roman Baška: Structural study of staphylococcal phage phi812K1/420 proteins BmpA, BmpB and BmpC (Masaryk University)

Ivana Berková: Crystallization studies of novel haloalkane dehalogenase DgaA from Glacieocola agarylitica NO2 (University of South Bohemia)

Ján Bíňovský: Phage adhesion to S. aureus: structure-functional studies of Receptor Binding Protein 1 (Masaryk University)

Paulína Božíková: Structural alphabets for conformational analysis of nucleic acids (Institute of Biotechnology)

Barbora Břenková: Structure of protein from neck of bacteriophage infecting Staphylococcus aureus (Masaryk University)

David Buchta: Virion structure and inhibition of genome release of human echovirus 18 (Masaryk University)

Michal Buša: Functional characterisation of novel cysteine protease inhibitor from Fasciola hepatica (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Carina R Büttner: Structures of three infection cycle intermediates of Coxsackievirus A6 (Masaryk University)

O. Cehlar: Conformational biases of tau protein’s microtubule binding repeat regions (Institute of Neuroimmunology)

Dominika Chalupska: Structural and biophysical characterization of the PI4KB:14-3-3 protein complex (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Tatsiana Charnavets: FACILITIES AT THE CENTRE OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE OF BIOCEV (Institute of Biotechnology)

K. Chmelova: Structure-function analysis of DhmeA, a haloalkane dehalogenase of subfamily III from Haloferax mediterranei (Masaryk University)

Z. Cieniková: Structural studies of the Myoviridae bacteriophage 812 portal complex (Masaryk University)

Alžbeta Dikunová: Expression, purification and structural analysis of recombinant chronic bee paralysis virus RNA-dependent-RNA-polymerase (Masaryk University)

Anna Dubankova: Structural and functional characterisation of Aichi virus RNA dependent RNA polymerase (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Pavla Fajtova: SmSP2: an anti-hemostatic serine protease secreted by the blood fluke pathogen, Schistosoma mansoni (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Jiří Fukal: The benchmark of 31P NMR parameters in phosphate: a case study on structurally constrained and flexible phosphate (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Valerio Guido Giacobelli: Test of genetic code evolution hypotheses: Reverse evolution of specific target proteins by mRNA-display technique (Charles University)

Mária Gondová: Crystal structure of honeybee hexamerin 70b provides insight into regulation of juvenile hormone levels in haemolymph of pupae (Masaryk University)

Petra Havlickova: Crystallization studies and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of a newly prepared histidinol–phosphate phosphatase Tt82 from Thermococcus onnurineus (University of South Bohemia)

Rozálie Hexnerová: Abbreviation paradise: The Taz2 (CBP) TAD (C/EBPβ) interaction (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Miroslav Homola: Structure and replication of Emiliania huxleyi virus 86 (Masaryk University)

Martin Horn: NOVEL MACROCYCLIC INHIBITORS OF HUMAN CATHEPSIN D (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

M. Horvath: Structural basis of ASK1 inhibition by DJ-1 (Charles University)

A. Ishemgulova: Vaccinia virus as vector for human rhinovirus C3 expression (Masaryk University)

Adela Jilkova: Exploring druggable hot spots in Schistosoma mansoni cathepsin B1 for structure-based design of vinyl sulfone inhibitors (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Dana Kalabova: Human procaspase-2 phosphorylation at both S139 and S164 is required for 14-3-3 binding (Institute of Physiology)

Barbora Kascakova: Structure-functional studies of protein P4 from bacteriophage φ8 (University of South Bohemia)

Lucie Kolářová: Interferons type II and their receptors R1 and R2 in fish species: structure, function and evolution (Institute of Biotechnology)

P. Kolenko: Weak ligand binding: data processing and electron density calculation methods (Institute of Biotechnology)

Radka Končitíková: Study on several plant aldehyde dehydrogenases from moss Physcomitrella patens (Palacký University)

Salome Kylarova: Structural insights into the regulation of CaMKK2 by calmodulin and 14-3-3 protein (Charles University)

Barbora Landova: Molecular mechanisms of DNA interstrand cross-link formation (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Domenico Lentini Santo: Structural studies of 14-3-3 complexes with peptides containing 14-3-3 binding motifs of protein kinase CaMKK2 (Charles University)

V. Mareška: Electronic sculpting of AT2R ligands by well-tempered and Flying Gaussian metadynamics (University of Chemistry and Technology)

K. Mihalovicova: Construction of vectors enabling eukaryotic expression of antibody Fabs aimed at crystallography of tau filament core (Institute of Neuroimmunology)

J. Moravcová: Cryo-electron microscopy of mammalian cells (Masaryk University)

Erik Nomilner: Study of dynamics of intrinsically disordered protein MAP2c using NMR relaxation (Masaryk University)

J. Prchal: Interaction of MoMLV and MMTV matrix proteins with membraneous phospholipids (University of Chemistry and Technology)

Jakub Ptáček: Engineered fragments of anti-PSMA antibodies and their use in immunotherapy of prostate cancer (Institute of Biotechnology)

Michal Růžička: Structural and Elastic Properties of DNA Mutation Motifs (Masaryk University)

Bohdan Schneider: Dinucleotide hydration sites (Institute of Biotechnology)

Vladimír Sychrovský: The theoretical study of charge transfer efficiency through damaged DNA duplexes (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Marta Šiborová: Structure of Virus like Particles of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus (Masaryk University)

Jan Silhan: The study of the role of FANCI phosphorylation in FANCD2 monoubiquitylation and DNA crosslink repair (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Aneta Smidova: Structural characterization of the complex between the procaspase-2 and the 14-3-3 protein (Institute of Physiology)

Vojtěch Spiwok: Biomolecular simulations by combination of flying Gaussian method and parallel tempering (University of Chemistry and Technology)

Jaroslav Srp: Structural characterization of a novel type of reactive site for inhibition of serine proteases (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Zoran Šućur: FLYING GAUSSIAN METHOD: NEW APPLICATIONS (University of Chemistry and Technology)

Vyacheslav Tretyachenko: Into the wild: expression and characterization of random protein libraries (Charles University)

Zuzana Trošanová: Thermodynamic and kinetic study of 14-3-3ζ protein (Masaryk University)

Lukáš Žídek: Intrinsically disordered Microtubule Associated Protein 2c (MAP2c) studied via computational methods and nuclear magnetic resonance (Masaryk University)


Student Competition

The Czech Society for Structural Biology invites all student presentations at the XV Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology
and 2nd User Meeting of CIISB to compete in two categories:
  • Prize of the Czech Society for Structural Biology  for an outstanding student poster
  • Prize of the Czech Society for Structural Biology  for an outstanding student presentation
The competing author must be a student (undergraduate or graduate studies) or a fresh PhD (less than one year from the end of PhD studies) at the time of the Conference.
Three prizes will be awarded in each category at the end of the Conference.
Each prize includes one book related to structural biology or molecular biology selected by the winner.

Poster dimensions: A0


XV Discussions are supported by program "Strategie AV21" by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic,
CIISB research infrastructure project LM2015043 of Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic, and companies
Nano Temper, OK Servis BioPro, Specion, and ThermoFisher Scientific.












Organizers of the meeting Bohdan SchneiderRadek KuželVojtěch SpiwokIvana Kutá-SmatanováRudiger EttrichJindřich HašekJan Dohnálek are looking forward to meeting you in Nove Hrady.


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